Create Content You Will Want to Read

Do you like reading brochure ware, press releases? Maybe if it’s your job to proof them you might find it fascinating, but most of us find them boring and full of ‘corporate marketing speak’, i.e. not digestible English. If you’ve only got a few minutes before tackling your next big job or heading to a meeting, you don’t want your time wasted. So here is a quick recipe for creating content not only YOU will want to read, but your customers and prospects, too.

1. Keep thinking YOU, and keep addressing your story to YOU. Not we, in fact, delete all the we’s. The more you think YOU the more you will start thinking of your reader and whether the phrase or info you are writing (or evaluating) is going to be helpful and interesting and worth their time.

2. Gimme something juicy in the first bite. A good rule of thumb for writing is write out what you want to say and then delete the first 2 paragraphs. But because usually the meat comes out in paragraph 3. That juicy first bite tells your reader you have something to share and it’s worth their time.

3. Stop writing when you no longer have juicy bites to share. You’re done. Better to keep your reader wanting more than putting them into an overload coma.

That’s it for today. Hope you’ll come back for more tomorrow..