Consulting & Creative Services

Consulting Services include: Content Marketing, Email & Direct Marketing and Community Management

Content Marketing:

  • Audit of current customer touchpoints, identification of new opportunities, recommendations based on resources & business objectives
  • Content marketing strategy across web and print
  • Content development: interviews, writing, editing
  • Creative services sourcing: freelance writers & designers
  • Editorial services: content objectives, editorial review for effectiveness & readability, suitability for different channels, liaise with writers
  • Measurement against business objectives and reporting
  • Internal coaching for your staff

Email Marketing:

  • Program audit
  • Program design
  • Email Service Provider Search – assessment unique to your organization
  • Campaign Strategy & Design, Execution, Reporting

Community Management:

  • Community manager services by contract/scheduled hours
  • Community management engagement design
  • Customer service and response coaching
  • Standards and guidelines development for your organization

Engagements are:

  • By project
  • Part time contract
  • Retainer set at x hours/month

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